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We look forward to meeting your needs and/or answering any questions you may have regarding music, lyrics, editing, collaboration or song development.

If you are not in the San Diego area, there are still many ways to use our services and join together for the purpose of recording.  Video meetings and the transfer of digital music files are all viable.  Files from my studio can be forwarded to another for whatever is needed.  Or you can send files to me for additional work.

Stay inspired, and all the best for your music success.  --  Paul





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A Studio in San Diego for Songwriters & Singers

Give your songs originality and style. Develop your chord progressions and vocal harmonies in the process of recording—We Innovate while we Collaborate. Every song needs its unique sound.

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San Diego has a lot of great talent— but what is rare is the passion to work on the craft of songwriting to develop a unique identity and style. Set yourself apart from everyone else and work on your songs.



I offer musicianship, recording skills and creative guidance from years of songwriting & experience — Paul Montesano

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KAY MELLA vibes with this Reggae-Funk jam. It’s danceable and chill, featuring Mella’s seductive style—and created from beginning to end in our SD studio.


Monday - Saturday 9am-6pm (619) 523-6296