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Welcome to Bellacopia

Final Map of Bellacopia.jpg

Welcome to Bellacopia, an imaginary island that could have existed in one of the most creative times in history: The Renaissance Era.  This is the setting for an epic story of a young chef on a Quest to revive an ancient recipe for Eternal Youth and Beauty.  "The Sauce of Immortality" is a musical fantasy about the glories of food, music, and artistic perfection. This musical screenplay written by Paul Montesano is an epic adventure about the search for meaning and the fulfillment of a prophecy.  In a Quest to redeem the failures of his father,  Baba Linguini searches for the supernatural ingredients that will complete an unfinished masterpiece and feed Humanity.


The songs featured on this page will be best appreciated in context of the story, so please       read the script as you listen to the tracks below.

Leonardo Fliers.jpg

Our French narrator, MARCEL, is the voice of the opening scene and test pilot for the inventor of flying machines, LEONARDO.  He is also our tour guide on the island of BELLACOPIA and works along side Baba Linguini throughout his adventures and his search for supernatural ingredients.


Script page 6

Baba's early life is depicted in a scene at Papo's chef school.  Kids are gathered in an amazing kitchen with chopping blocks, burners, and tools to practice the art of "Fire and Spice".  Papo demonstrates that the life of a chef is everything from practicing culi-nary skills to cleaning messes, and serving people.  Papo sings Rossini's "La Danza".

LeoDiVino pngFinal1.png

Script page 25

LEONARDO, GALILEO and NOSTRODUMAS gather at the observatory to begin a revival of the "Sauce of Immortality". As guardians of the Holy Mole, they reveal the unfinished masterpiece hidden for decades in its golden chalice. Signs in the heavens indi-cate that it is the right time to find a chef who will discover the final ingredients.

Baba & the Holy    Moly Final.JPG

Script page 35

Renaissance celebrities welcome their "Chef of Destiny" at Galileo's observatory. Baba is cheered into the Quest with song and dance. The secret order of the LINGUINE BROTHERHOOD choose their young chef to fulfill his Destiny under a  prophetic planetary alignment.


Script page 78

Baba plays his lute for the AQUA SPRITES who guard the Neptune Orchid in the Valley of Narcissus.  They are delighted, and promise to give it to him.  Captivated by his own reflection and the hypnotic charms of the Sprites, Baba wants to stay.  Zinfandella enters with a new song to break the spell.


Genius musician, composer and entertainer HERMETO PASCOAL is a Brazilian treasure.  His spontaneous creativity and humor have inspired this animated character of the same name.  Hermeto has agreed to participate in the "Sauce of Immortality" project, by allowing us to use his name, image, and even his music.

Script page 3

In our story, Hermeto is a blind musician and master of the sixth sense.  He sets the tone for playfulness and creativity.  This song "Welcome to Bellacopia"  is derived from a Hermeto Pascoal original and sung by various lead characters, describing the  artistic world of this mythical island.

Zin & Lingi Serenade.jpeg

Script page 10

After four years of schooling on the main-land of Italy, Zinfandella is returning by ship to Bellacopia longing to see her childhood friend, Baba Linguini.  Baba sings to her from a balcony overlooking the sea, un-aware of her arrival.  Zin sings from the deck of a sailing vessel in this romantic duet.

Lingi Knife& SkilletFinal1.JPG

Script page 28

BABA LINGUINI demonstrates his culinary skills as head chef and teacher at Aunt Chovi's Bistro.  In what looks like a combination of martial arts and cooking, the kitchen crew follows the beat as Baba delivers his message.  Limbs fly as they imitate Baba's methods of cuts, chops, slices and spices.


Zin & Lingi Serenade.jpeg

Script page 42

Under the stars in Leonardo's vineyard, Baba and Zin see their love revealed in the heavens. Then, through the eyes of love, we see them soaring above the Earth, with a celestial view of the planets. They sing a duet as they merge with the Universe.


Script page 93

Baba has gone blind from eating Falcon Seeds, and Hermeto teaches him how to use his sixth sense to find the final ingre-dient.  The Moly Root is hidden in the earth and Hermeto knows how to talk to Nature and listen for answers.  He demonstrates for Baba so he can complete the Quest.



Script page 17

Narcissist and head chef at the Prancing Pig,  Prince Machabelli  serves up exquisite-ly mediocre entertainment and food to the rich and famous of Bellacopia.  He is Baba's jealous rival and desperate to become one of the great Renaissance men of his time. This featured performance at Zinfandella's homecoming dinner proves that he has everything it takes as an artist, except talent.


Script page 32

ZINFANDELLA brings a gypsy flair to her performance at Aunt Chovi's Bistro.  Baba has gained the favor of Leonardo and an invitation to join the Quest for the Sauce of Immortality.  Zin enchants the entire room, and creates electricity on the dance floor.

Leonardo's flyingMachine.jpg

Script page 58

Baba arrives to search the Ancient Books in Leonardo's library; for clues to find super-natural ingredients. The three geniuses of the Brotherhood, Leo, Nostrodumas and Galileo, rise to the occasion and reveal to Baba what cannot be found in books. The trio guides their young chef on wings of thought "into the lofty air."

Shining Star Final2.jpeg

Script page 114

The closing song pulses with a Euro Dance Club beat under the stars at the Bistro. A conga line grows onto the street as main characters celebrate Bellacopia's survival, and Baba's return to the job he loves.  Duke Vincenzio and Mona Lisa have left the island and a feeling of balance has been restored, despite injuries of war.