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Welcome to Bellacopia


WELCOME TO BELLACOPIA, an island where History, Fantasy & Mythology come together in a melting pot of cultures near the European continent. Endowed by nature, Bellacopia is a playground and hideaway for artists, scientists and inventors of the Renaissance Era. Also a haven for great cuisine and music, Bellacopia is where Galileo, Leonardo and Nostrodumas discover a talented young chef to fulfill a prophecy and revive an ancient recipe with supernatural ingredients.

THE SAUCE OF IMMORTALITY is a mythical and musical adventure written by Paul Montesano—a heroic Quest that combines historic and fictional characters with a diversity of World Music. Original songs performed by a cast of eccentric characters are featured below.


Baba & the Holy    Moly Final.JPG

A struggling young chef has a sudden date with destiny and fame when an elite Renaissance Brotherhood discovers his creativity and good taste. A talented introvert, Baba Linguini is living in the shadow of his father’s failures, when his childhood flame, Zinfandella, returns from Milan with members of her noble family. Her father, Leonardo, chooses young Baba to go on a sacred Quest and Zin is a reluctant supporter. She sees Baba as an underachiever, and doubts his potential.

Because Zinfandella is familiar with her father’s flying machines and Galileo’s inventions, she is required to assist Baba in his mythical adventures. Together they confront the powers of Nature in search of supernatural ingredients for the Sauce. Newspaper journalists Hans and Gregory create public fascination as they glamo-rize the young couple in the Quest. Baba and Zin struggle to get along due to their class distinctions; but as they help each other survive the perils of Nature, they find mutual respect and a spark of love. But will they survive their mission to retrieve the supernatural ingredients?


Zin in the Vineyard.jpg

Daughter of the famed artist, Leonardo, and Duchess Mona Lisa; Zin had privi-leges of wealth in contrast to Baba. Yet many of her earliest childhood memories are with Baba playing in the vineyards of her father’s estate in Bellacopia. But when she goes to Milan to meet her estranged mother in her early teens, Zin takes on a new persona as a member of nobility. Her new aspirations are to become a success-ful fashion designer and entrepreneur. Bellacopia inspires her new line of “Shabby Chic”.

Zinfandella returns to Bellacopia in the first act, escorted by her bossy and self-centered mother and her uncle Vincenzo, the Duke of Milan. She finds Baba struggling in dire poverty and hesitates to rekindle their friendship, after an embarrassing homecoming celebration.

Leonardo’s search for the “Chef of Destiny” ends with a display of Baba’s culinary talents, and Leo is confident as he initiates Baba in a plan to fulfill the prophecy of Nostrodumas. Zin, now a pragmatic, educated young woman, is not a fan of Baba’s cool and improvised style.

She also finds herself in the middle of a conflict between her parents. Mona Lisa plots to undermine Leonardo and hijack the recipe with a chef of her own. Zinfandella is at a crossroad to find a new direction in her life.



Papo is Baba’s adoptive father. Once a great chef, he has the mellowed wiseguy style that reminds us of an aging Brando as Godfather. Once affiliated with the Roman Syndicate called RAPS, Papo’s reputation was ruined when he betrayed a sacred oath and sold secrets of the Sauce of Immortality to the Pope; but then failed to deliver. RAPS continues to interfere in the lives of Baba and Papo.

Papo sings an original lyric to a Tarantella written by the classical composer, Rossini.



Aunt Chovi runs the most popular bistro in Bellacopia. Her trade-mark sarcasm and honesty is only matched by the size of her heart. She hires Baba Linguini to use his creativity at her Bistro and this is where his talents are discovered by Leonardo. She is the complete opposite of Baba, the artist and dreamer, and often gives him motherly advice. She is also unimpressed by fame and status, and skepical of Baba’s involvement with the Brotherhood.


Leonardo Profile final.jpg

Baba Linguini’s Quest for four ingredients to complete the Sauce is aided by a trio of geniuses in the Brotherhood. Leonardo’s flying machines and Galileo’s telescopic inventions aid Baba on the Quest to fulfill a Nostrodumas prophecy. Baba must conquer his fears in four dangerous adventures to locate the ingredients—all in the time frame of a rare meteor shower.


Quadracycle DarkBrown.png


From the beginning of our story, a young athletic Frenchman named Marcel acts as narrator. He is Leonardo’s assistant, pilot and instructor, and gives us an overview of Bellacopia soaring above the earth in various flying machines. He also drives Leonardo in his land and air vehicle called the Quadracycle.


1 - LAVA SALT is found in crystals attached to the dried lava of active or inactive volcanoes. This essential ingredient keeps the sauce from spoiling over a 20-year period and bestows the fiery power of fearless bravery.

2 - FALCON SEEDS are found in the highest branches in a remote forest inhabited by Giant Falcons. Contained in cones, they bestow supernatural “vision” and “intuition”.

Leonardo's flyingMachine.jpg

3 - THE NEPTUNE ORCHID is the rarest of flowers found only on the island of CERCEA where water nymphs (Aquasprites) dwell in the Valley of Narcissus. It bestows a supernatural power of true love and devotion; but carries the negative emotions of jealousy, vanity, and narcissism if not used with pure intentions and discipline.




4 - MOLY ROOT is the final ingredient of the Quest. Moly bestows superhuman strength and endurance, and Baba must find some of these qualities in himself to endure a long trek through the desert. This is the requirement for all who would be worthy of the Quest—that they already have the power within themselves— and so will recognize it when it is found.

After losing all support from his friends and allies, Baba must learn to use a sixth sense and search without use of his eyes. He goes blind from eating too many Falcon Seeds, then miraculously crosses paths with blind musician, Hermeto, who becomes his teacher and guide. By a kind of psychic sonar, they perceive the location of the mythical root, that has never been seen, because it is hidden within the earth. Hermeto encourages Baba to trust in what he cannot see.

Genius musician and composer— HERMETO PASCOAL is a Brazilian treasure.  His spontaneous creativity and humor have inspired this animated character of the same name.  Hermeto has agreed to participate in the "Sauce of Immortality" project, by allowing us to use his name, image, and even his music.

The multi-cultural cast allows for a variety of World Music. Songs are a crossover of Latin, European and African styles.



Rival chef Machabelli is a narcissist of the highest order; widely know for his lack of talent. He so badly wants fame and glory, dabbling in all the arts with enthusiasm. His envy of the talented Baba Linguini is all-consuming. Prince tries to undermine Baba’s success at every turn.

BabaLinguini w:knife.jpg
Zin & Lingi Serenade.jpeg
Shining Star Final2.jpeg