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We look forward to meeting your needs and/or answering any questions you may have regarding music, lyrics, editing, collaboration or song development.

If you are not in the San Diego area, there are still many ways to use our services and join together for the purpose of recording.  Video meetings and the transfer of digital music files are all viable.  Files from my studio can be forwarded to another for whatever is needed.  Or you can send files to me for additional work.

Stay inspired, and all the best for your music success.  --  Paul





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Find your Identity in the Process

Your style and identity will come by recognizing your limitations and building on  your strengths.  What makes you UNIQUE is what comes naturally.  Recognize your musical influences and develop the sound that only you can create. The recor-ding process will help you bring it all together through the process of songwriting and Collaboration.

Where the Art of Songwriting finds a unique voice in the Recording Studio

 • Record your originals and complete the work you have started.

•  Add instrumentation, arrangement, or new parts to your songs.

•  License existing recordings from our catalog:  As is or Customized.

•   Hire me to compose and record for your Film or TV Project, Album, or Promotion.


Television & Film Licensing

If you find a track on this website that you would like to license for use in your project, film, or advertising, etc., we will make it available to you .  All recordings are 100% cleared and ready for immediate use. We will give you the opportunity to see how it works with your video sequence before paying a licensing fee.  I received an Emmy award in 2010 for my work in a PBS lifestyle & history TV series called "Wonderland".

Montesano Music is dedicated to quality music productions and compositions.  But more than that, I am here to assist you in finding your own unique voice through the process of collaboration.  Your talent is only a part of the formula for success. You need songs that grab your audience with emotion, with great lyrics and a sound that compliments your natural voice.  You need to know your niche to find your audience.  From there you can open doors to opportunities through music industry players, such as music supervisors for film & TV.  

Check out the pages on this website, and thanks for stopping by.   --Paul Montesano

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