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Welcome to Bellacopia


WELCOME TO BELLACOPIA: the location for an epic tale where the natural world meets the Supernatural. This mythical island near the European continent is a hideaway for great artists, scientists and inventors of the Renaissance —where Galileo, Leonardo and Nostrodumas prepare to revive the SAUCE OF IMMORTALITY


Baba & the Holy    Moly Final.JPG

The recipe was long forgotten but hidden in the writings of the ancients. Although the supernatural ingredients are protected by the powers of Nature, they can be rediscovered by a great chef during a rare planetary alignment.



Papo is a master chef with a past marked by fame and failure. His life in ruins over a contract he could not fulfill, Papo has the mellowed wiseguy style that reminds us of an aging Brando as Godfather. He and Baba were victims of a payback by the Roman syndicate called R.A.P.S. that continues to haunt their lives. RAPS intends to hijack the Sauce of Immortality and deliver it to the Pope.

Papo sings an original lyric to a classic Tarantella called “La Danza” written by the great composer, Rossini.



Genius musician and composer— HERMETO PASCOAL is a Brazilian treasure.  His spontaneous creativity and humor have inspired this animated character of the same name.  Hermeto has agreed to participate in the "Sauce of Immortality" project, by allowing us to use his name, image, and even his music.

Leonardo's flyingMachine.jpg

Baba Linguini’s Quest for four ingredients to complete the Sauce is aided by a trio of geniuses in the Brotherhood. Leonardo’s flying machines and Galileo’s telescopic inventions lead Baba to conquer fears in the elements of fire, air, water, and earth.


Zin in the Vineyard.jpg

The daughter of a struggling artist, (Leonardo) and a Duchess (MONA LISA); Zinfandella was sent to Bellacopia to live with her father shortly after her birth in Milan. She was raised on a vineyard and was close to young Baba.

Zin is Baba’s childhood sweetheart, but she left Bellacopia as a teen to live with her estranged mother Mona Lisa. After years of formal education, a new chapter begins when Zinfandella returns to the island escorted by her mother and her uncle Vincenzo, the Duke of Milan.

Zin & Lingi Serenade.jpeg


Rival chef Machabelli is a narcissist of the highest order; widely know for his lack of talent. He so badly wants fame and glory, dabbling in all the arts with enthusiasm. His envy of the talented Baba Linguini is all-consuming. Prince tries to undermine Baba’s suceess at every turn.

A new Renaissance era of scientists and artists are determined to find the keys to immortality. The lines between science, mysticism and mythology are blurred during the 16th century.


The Renaissance Brotherhood must put their faith in the young chef and creative genius known as Baba Linguini. The remains of the ancient sauce are dormant, and preserved in a chalice guarded by the Brotherhood.

Baba Linguini must go on four adventures to complete the Quest for the final ingredients.

The Renaissance Period gave birth to modern science, art, and the discovery of new worlds.


Lingi Knife& SkilletFinal1.JPG
Quadracycle DarkBrown.png

The multi-cultural cast allows for a variety of World Music. Songs are a crossover of Latin, European and African styles.

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