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Montesano Music Licensing

Compositions and recordings on this page are owned by Montesano Music exclusively. No further clearance is necessary.   Montesano Music is also the publisher for most of the tracks you can sample on this page. Some tracks are controlled by outside publishers or are in co-publishing agreements with Montesano Music.  This means that contracts will be generated by us, or by the administrative publishers involved with each track. 

Cinematic & International / Soul – Jazz – Funk / Novelty – Humor – Children's / Island & Tropical
Americana – Historic & Western

  Search the playlists below and feel free to request what you need. These tracks are just a fraction of our total catalog



This spectacular aerial tour of San Diego was produced over a 10-year period by KPBS television.  The music soundtrack received a regional Emmy nomination in 2011; composed by Paul Montesano and recorded at his San Diego studio.

Cinematic & International

Global Soundtracks (album title)

Music is a Universal language.  Harmonies and rhythms speak a language that words cannot express. We can feel a connection to cultures around the world just by listening to the way that sound and color are expressed in their music.  Somehow we are all the same, yet different.  Music for advertising has crossed all boundaries to promote products and ideas. There is a public acceptance of all flavors in music.  Marketing is now a global reality.  We are growing out of our "folk" roots and merging into a World Marketplace.  If we do it right, we can open our ears and open our eyes the future, and we can celebrate the beauty of our diversity through Music.  What I call "Cinematic" and "International" is the development of folk elements arranged and produced with a more classical or orchestrated sound.

Island & Tropical

The Sky, The Sun and Sea (album title)

From Reggae to Samba, Mambo to Bossa Nova, Hawaii to Africa, Tropical is a place of Sunshine and Water, Sensuality and Tranquility.  Some people think that this style of music is for a poolside Martini.  Others feel a cultural identity from deep within the rhythms that speak to their Soul.  One thing we all feel is a freedom from the stress of everyday life.  No matter if you're rich or poor, no matter what color you are, everything is all right on this beautiful island in the sun.    Is this an escape from Reality?  Or just the way it's supposed to be. 

Sunset w:guitar enhanced.JPG



Novelty - Children's - Humor

The Lighter Side (album title)

We all perk up when we hear or see the unexpected.  Whether it's flat out funny or just    weird enough to get your attention, some music just stands out and turns an ordinary video sequence into a party.  Different is good in a world full of imitators and wanna-be's.               We have a variety of unique songs and instrumentals in our catalog.

Soul - Jazz - Funk

The Natural Groove (album title)

The Natural Groove is Urban, uptown or downtown. On the streets or on the beach, you feel the pulse of the places and people you meet.  The Natural Groove is the music in your veins that plays in your head while you move through everyday life.  We need to relax when tension is high, so the Natural Groove keeps you cool when things are hot, and vice versa.  Life has a tempo and a beat moves us forward.  We need to pick up on what's going on, go with the flow, and do what we know.  Be yourself and sing the song that keeps your life in tune.                                               


 PAUL MONTESANO - Composer & Guitarist - San Diego, CA

Paul's Emmy award was received for his work on this San Diego lifestyle and history series called WONDERLAND.   Monthly episodes over a 3-year period created a body of work in a variety of genres. All were composed and recorded in the Montesano Music studio.

Americana -                Historic & Western

Back From Yesterday (album title)

Americana is a term for music that brings nostalgia and reflects our American history. Many forms have been stirred into the melting pot of American Culture.  Folk music played on the guitar is fundamental to the Blues and Country Music.  Piano was big at the turn of the 20th Century with Jazz on the rise.  A kind of parlor music with player pianos reflected a new popular sound that combined old folk songs with jazz and even a classical touch. Ragtime was uniquely American.

 As people moved West, the Spanish as well as Native American influences became evident through the developing culture.  Through cinema, a unique style of music was eventually developed by Hollywood filmmakers to romanticize the"Old West".  What is now truly distinctive about our roots is that they were untouched by digital effects and electronic instruments.