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If you are not in the San Diego area, there are still many ways to use our services and join together for the purpose of recording.  Video meetings and the transfer of digital music files are all viable.  Files from my studio can be forwarded to another for whatever is needed.  Or you can send files to me for additional work.

Stay inspired, and all the best for your music success.  --  Paul





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Studio Recording


Studio Recording

The creative process happens in the studio as well as in the writing process that you do on your own. We have a limitless palette of sounds at our fingertips. The combination of natural acoustic sounds with electronic instruments and samples will define your songs and create an identity.

Whether you're an experienced pro or a young talent looking for your distinctive voice to make your mark, we can work together to produce something truly original.
The future is in blending existing styles in a way that is authentic and unique.  Remember there is only one YOU, so be true to who you are.



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Kay Mella

Mella's voice is a little bit of heaven.  Both ethereal and passionate, she delivers such emotion with a light but soulful touch.  Born of Jamaican parents in Brooklyn, New York; Kay Mella is her own genre, blending R&B, Reggae, and Neo-Soul in her debut EP "DREAM QUEEN".   All songs are co-written with Paul Montesano and due to be released in May or June of 2017. 


Brittany Folk

Song stylist and San Diego native,     Brittany brings soulfulness and a unique vibe to every song. She's a blend of modern alternative and classic jazz-pop from another era.  Bottom line is that she is so easy to listen to; combining a warmth of tone and a sweet vulnerability.  The musical arrangement here is a Montesano original.


Truly a man of "Peace", Bob has brought his East Coast fire and soul to the beach towns ofSoCal.  Living in San Diego, he is like a more dangerous Jack Johnson. Bob turns   it loose with a soulfulness ranging from gos- pel to funk;  then turns it down to James Taylor mellow.  His debut album, recorded with all originals, is soon to be released.

Aaron Miz Olette

Aaron is a Neo-Soul singer and songwriter. Raised in the City of Denver, CO,  Miz Olette's sultry vocals are tender and personal.  Now living in Atlanta, Aaron mixes R&B with jazz flavors on her new EP.  She co-wrote and recorded the song here with Paul Montesano.


Bianca Rossini

Bianca Rossini is a dancer, poet, singer and TV host living in Los Angeles.  Her debut album, "KISS OF BRASIL" released in 2011 is a tribute to her Brazilian roots. The sensuous style of Bossa Nova suits her natural beauty and charm. Perfume De Verao is written by Patrick Lockwood, with guitar and arrangement by Paul Montesano.

Richard "Rio" Vaughan

The softer side of popular music puts Rio in a category with someone like Willie Nelson, but with a more jazzy element and Latin flair.  Rio's voice is sweet and mellow, butnot an imitation.  His songs are about the positive aspects of love, nature,  and the beauty of everyday living.