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Song Development

Song Development

A great song in the right key of a unique voice in the right style is a winner every time.  There is a lot of great vocal talent out there, but there's only one you.  So you should sing a song that you feel the words, and use your own unique style of expression.  If I'm helping to produce your song, I'm going to bring every skill I have as a writer, musician and arranger to adapt the song to you.

Consider the possibilities.  A great song needs a beginning, a middle and an ending like a story.  Never underestimate the power of an intro.    We can develop your song and make vital decisions in the process of recording.  If we need a bridge or instrumental section, we will find out as we listen to the form of the song in it's development.  Another easily overlooked element that can make or break your song is tempo.  Often times, a song with a lot of soul and good lyrics needs to be slowed down "just enough" to hear the lyrics better and feel the beat; which allows the performer to relax and sing with more feeling and varied expression.  We experiment in the studio to reach perfection.

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Lyrical Expression

There are many ways to approach lyric writing. The melody may come first or maybe just the beginning of a chord progression. You can ride the melody with your words and your thoughts and images will take flight. Some great songs have come from poetry that was later put to music. But many a hit was born just from the main “hook” or chorus. You feel the tempo and you sing 2 or 3 lines that just feel right, sound right, and say what you mean. That's what I call a “gem”. We can develop a full-blown arrangement around it and finish your song; like creating a setting around a precious stone.

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Chordal Composition

A note doesn't have half the power on it's own. When other notes join the melody you have a chord. It's not just the meaning of the words or the soulful voice that makes you feel. Chords make you feel. The emotion of a song is felt in your heart by the type of harmony within the chord. It's an invisible power that music has over us. The way that other notes wrap their arms around a beautiful melody to make a chord is like some kind of magic. Developing the right chord progression for a melody is my favorite part of creating a song. It's like discovering something that has never been heard before. This is the part of the collaboration process that can turn an average song into a great song. If chords aren't your specialty, I will help you out.

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Rhythm & Arrangement

The studio is where we first must lay down the arrangement and structure that give you room to play and be creative. It starts with a pulse and a tempo, a time signature and a flow that will carry your song home like a ship to port. The rhythm section is the body of the ship. We need to find the right sounds for the bass, every drum, and percussion instrumentto create a perfect tempo and rhythmic structure.  When we give the song just what it needs, everything else will feel natural and right.  Never underestimate the power of the tempo!  Sometimes the flow of a song is simply dragging, or else it feels a bit rushed.  You can simply slow it down or push it faster to reach perfection!