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If you are not in the San Diego area, there are still many ways to use our services and join together for the purpose of recording.  Video meetings and the transfer of digital music files are all viable.  Files from my studio can be forwarded to another for whatever is needed.  Or you can send files to me for additional work.

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Song Development


If I'm producing your song, I'm bringing every skill as a writer, musician and arranger to feature what makes you unique. A great song  has to be adapted to the style of the singer.  There is a lot of great vocal talent out there, but there's only one you.  You need songs that feature your style of expression. 

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Power of the Word

There are many ways to write lyrics. The melody may come to you along with a word phrase. That could be the seed of something great.  Some songs start with poetry that is later put to music.  But many a hit is based on a simple “hook” or a repeating phrase. If you can create a chorus that no one gets tired of hearing, you have a gem.  With the right singer you have a hit.


A great song will bring out the best in even the average singer. 

But even a great singer cannot create a hit  from an average song.

Never underestimate the power of an intro.   

Songs develop in the process of recording. 

If you need a bridge or instrumental section, we work it out in the studio.  

Tempo can make or break your song.   Slow it down for more feeling and expression.  Speed it up to get the vibe.

Experimenting in the studio is how we reach perfection.

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Chord Progressions

The emotion of a song is felt in the type of chord or harmony you are using, sometimes more than the words that are sung. Harmony has an invisible power over us.  Developing the right chord progression for a song is my favorite part of the creative process. It is often what turns a good song into a great one.  Words speak to the mind, harmony to the heart and soul.  You may have a melody for your song, but not the chords. Our collaboration is the process that creates a finished work of art.

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The Beat is the Boss

When we start a song project, we need a tempo, and a rhythmic style that will take the listener on a ride.  We find the right sounds for the bass, drums, and every percussion instrument.  Never under-estimate the power of the tempo!  When  the tempo drags or feels rushed, nothing else will sound right.  The pulse or groove of a song is often the most powerful element in making a song popular.