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Stay inspired, and all the best for your music success.  --  Paul





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Paul Montesano

Paul Montesano



With roots in Blues, Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Bossa Nova, Paul has studied a variety of music forms that revolve around root rhythms. Paul combines lyrics, melody, and an assortment of World Music into new compositions.

Many of Montesano's compositions and master recordings can be heard as soundtracks on television; and his catalog is available for licensing.

Paul has worked with artists from Africa and Brazil over the last 20 years, and he continues to compose new music to redefine the classics   Current projects combineR&B, Neo-Soul, Reggae, and Samba.

As a songwriter, arranger, vocalist and guitarist living in San Diego,  Paul's work can be heard on PBS stations nationally and a current new series on ABC.  He continues to collaborate and record with a variety of musical artists in Southern California.



"I have used Paul Montesano on a number of my recordings and productions on all phases, engineering, production,  master- ing, as well as musicianship. Paul's skills in the recording studio and on song produc- tion are first rate, and I recommend him highly if you are considering using him as a producer, or a co-writer, or to score music for a film or TV project, or commercial."  Patrick Lockwood--Jazzy Tunes Publishing

Paul collaborated with my wife to write the lyrics and the music to honor my 50th birthday.  It was not only spot on, but moving and creative.  I couldn't think of a better gift from my wife.  I wake up every morning to this song on my IPhone, because it is my alarm. The song production was done in his recording studio and sounds totally professional.  -- Arthur Schwartz








"Paul recorded my CD of original songs and did a brilliant job. Recordings were crisp and clear and his creativity raised it to a higher level. He sees the big picture"

-- Richard Vaughn

Beautiful music! I have listen to Paul write, teach, compose, and play music for almost seven years. He is a fantastic individual and takes care of everyone he does business with. Also, his skills in the recording studio and on song production are unparalleled. I cannot not recommend this musician any higher. Just phenomenal!    - Levi Rowe

"I met Paul in 1998 after I moved to San Diego. I had been looking for a music instructor who could teach me about Bossa Nova.  I called him and had no idea that I would begin a journey that would take 10 years of steady lessons, discovery, and a friendship.  I would go on to play for others and share the magic that is music and Bossa Nova.   It happened because of Paul's warm character, knowledge, teaching skills, and his authentic passion for art and the artist within.  When I play for others, they often wonder how I came upon such sweet guitar.(Paul's chords).  Sometimes I admit that I learned it from Paul, but sometimes I keep quiet,  savoring the experience.           Thank you Paul     -- Ezequil Esparza

"Paul makes sure the recording content going in is the best it can be. His contributions are excellent. A great choice for the first time recording artist"

-- Greg Herback

"Paul and I have been working on various recording projects for many years, at least ten. What I like about him is his versatility.  He is a first class trained musician who plays several instruments with confidence and style. He is that rare bird who also has the other side of his brain working-the tech side of crafting fine productions.  Plus he's fun to work with, a joy really."   -- Gene Burkard