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If you are not in the San Diego area, there are still many ways to use our services and join together for the purpose of recording.  Video meetings and the transfer of digital music files are all viable.  Files from my studio can be forwarded to another for whatever is needed.  Or you can send files to me for additional work.

Stay inspired, and all the best for your music success.  --  Paul





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Artist Development


Artist Development

Montesano Music is dedicated to quality music productions and compositions.  But more than that, we are here to assist you in finding you own unique voice through the process of collaboration.  Your talent is only a part of the formula for success. You need songs that jump out and grab your audience with emotion, with great lyrics and a sound that compliments your natural voice.  You need to know your niche to find your audience.  From there we can open doors to opportunities through music industry players, such as music supervisors for film & TV.  


Kady Bow

A natural vocal talent from the state of New Mexico, Kady is a songwriter and performer.  Dedicated to her music, she stays close to the acoustic roots of American music with a      style that encompasses Blues, Folk , Jazz and Soul.  Her earthy style is passionate and       sultry with a boldness that reaches out and connects.  This song recorded and arranged at Montesano Music expresses her joy living by the sea in San Diego.  Kady now lives in Colorado where she recently released her new album   " FOOL FOR YOU".

Grace Rucker

An aspiring young talent with a heart of gold, Grace Rucker is rooted in Christian music and has a notebook full of lyrics. She has recently begun to explore a new world of songwriting and is releasing two originals online in the month of JUNE.  Collaborating at Montesano Music, Grace is finding her niche and developing her own brand of Pop music, blending acoustic and electronic instruments.

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Meaghan Maples

A free spirit with a love of children and the church, Meaghan is a post partum doula, caregiver, and worship leader.  With roots in the Bay Area of California and a heart of gold, Meaghan is a unique and vibrant performer.  At home in the genres of soul, folk, pop, jazz, gospel and contemporary, she plays keyboard and is also a prolific songwriter.  The recording on this page was written by Paul Montesano and shows Meaghan's versatility and talent for harmo- nies.  An independent release named "GOOD REASONS" is available in digital music outlets.